smarter parallel dump/restore scheduling

Title smarter parallel dump/restore scheduling
Topic Performance
Created 2018-08-28 18:54:48
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Authors Tom Lane (tgl)
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Committer Tom Lane (tgl)
pg_dump test instability
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    Attachment (smarter-parallel-dump-restore-2.patch) at 2018-09-13 21:03:39 from Tom Lane <tgl at> (Patch: Yes)
    Attachment (smarter-parallel-dump-restore-1.patch) at 2018-08-28 18:47:17 from Tom Lane <tgl at> (Patch: Yes)
    Attachment (0001-Add-option-to-skip-certain-pg_dump-tests.patch) at 2018-08-27 06:34:17 from Peter Eisentraut <peter.eisentraut at> (Patch: Yes)
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