Make pg_size_pretty handle negative values

Title Make pg_size_pretty handle negative values
Topic Miscellaneous
Created 2015-09-25 17:50:55
Last modified 2015-11-06 17:43:42 (4 years ago)
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2015-11: Committed
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Authors Adrian Vondendriesch (discostu)
Reviewers Julien Rouhaud (rjuju)Become reviewer
Committer Robert Haas (rhaas)
BUG #12989: pg_size_pretty with negative values
First at 2015-04-06 17:30:26 by cbalmeida at
Latest at 2015-11-06 17:53:56 by Robert Haas <robertmhaas at>
Latest attachment (0001-Make-pg_size_pretty-handle-negative-values-v2.patch) at 2015-11-05 21:19:34 from "Adrian.Vondendriesch" <Adrian.Vondendriesch at>
    Attachment (0001-Make-pg_size_pretty-handle-negative-values-v2.patch) at 2015-11-05 21:19:34 from "Adrian.Vondendriesch" <Adrian.Vondendriesch at> (Patch: Yes)
    Attachment (0001-Make-pg_size_pretty-handle-negative-values-v1.patch) at 2015-09-20 12:16:15 from "Adrian.Vondendriesch" <Adrian.Vondendriesch at> (Patch: Yes)
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